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Harnessing the Sun's Power for Real-World Applications:

Welcome to Alloy Charge's Solutions hub!  Whether you're a seasoned solar enthusiast or just starting your journey towards clean energy, we understand that navigating the world of solar applications can be complex. Here, we've compiled a comprehensive collection of resources to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve your unique solar goals.  Dive into detailed solutions for various applications, explore application-specific product recommendations, and discover valuable insights to optimize your solar energy experience.  Explore, learn, and empower yourself to unlock the full potential of solar energy!

Solar powered off grid medicine cold storage unit with Battery Backup

Store Vital Medicines and Vaccines for healthcare services in remote areas with a solar-powered medicine Storage unit equipped with our MPPT charger.  Power medical equipment and lighting, ensuring reliable operation regardless of grid access.

Create a thriving aquatic ecosystem with a solar-powered pond system with our MPPT charger.  Power pumps for filtration and aeration, keeping your fish healthy and your pond sparkling, all while utilizing clean, renewable energy.

Off-grid solar system for your fish pond
Solar and battery system provides electricity for a remote farmhouse

Tiny Off Grid Home / Farm Shed / Remote Cabin

Reliable lighting, power outlets, and appliance operation for off-the-grid cabins with our MPPT charger. Seamlessly converting solar energy to charge batteries for your cabin's needs. 

Coming Soon !!

RV & Campervan Power

Embrace the freedom of the open road with solar-powered adventures.  Our MPPT charger optimizes solar energy to keep your RV or campervan batteries charged, powering lights, ventilation, and small appliances. 

Coming Soon !!

Off-grid campervan powered by solar panels with battery backup
Off-grid solar water system for animals on a farm

Livestock / Cattle Watering Systems

Maintain the health and well-being of your livestock with a solar-powered watering system featuring our MPPT charger.  Power pumps and keep water troughs filled, even in off-grid locations.

Coming Soon !!

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