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Introducing the FreedomVolt Off Grid Pure Sine High Efficiency OFF-GRID Inverters.

The perfect solution for your small off-grid applications!


High Quality, Very high efficiency and Light weight.


Whether you need to power small appliances, charge electronic devices, or run lighting systems, this inverter is up to the task. Trust the FreedomVolt Off Grid Pure Sine High Efficiency Inverter to provide reliable and clean energy for your off-grid applications.


Regular inverters are bulky heavy and very poor efficiency. With almost 50% to 60% Loss in some cases. FreedomVolt inverters emply intelligent electronics to convert your DC to AC with efficiency reaching up to  92%.


Reduce your battery and Solar requirements with lesser wastage. Making your installation more cost effective.

Pure Sine High Efficiency Off Grid Inverter/Solar Inverter - 500W

SKU: ACFVPS-1P0-12V230V50H0500W
₹20,000.00 Regular Price
₹8,999.00Sale Price
  • Rated Voltage : 12V

    DC Voltage Range: 10 - 15.5V

    Efficiency: upto 92%

    Continous Max Power : 500W

    Surge Power : 1000W

    AC output : Pure Sine

    Grid/ Off Grid inverter : Off Grid Inverter

    AC spec: 230V @ 50Hz

    USB: 5V, 2A (1 port)

    Wired Remote ON/OFF: No

    Net weight : 1Kg

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